6.2 The Committee may employ

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including names of all those present and in attendance at meetings of the Committee. The matters considered by the Committee members and decisions reached, the English version shall prevail. 註: 如本文件的英文及中文版本有任何差異, the Committee shall be unrestricted to interview staff at different levels, – 4 – 5.2 The Committee’s responsibilities include as follows: 委員會的職責包括: 5.2.1 Review the Company’s annual report or special reports (if any) related to ESG; 審閱本公司年度報告或有關環境、社會及管治的特別報告(如有); 5.2.2 Conduct internal and external materiality assessment through stakeholder engagement; 透過持份者參與進行內部及外部重要性評估; 5.2.3 Support,以確保其持續有效; 5.1.5 Monitor staff training related to issues of ESG; 監察有關環境、社會及管治事宜的員工培訓; 5.1.6 Approve the Environmental。

6.3 In fulfilling its responsibilities,委員會的會議記錄應對委員會成 員在會議上所考慮的事項及達致的決定作足夠詳細的記錄,委員會可不受限制地與各級員工進行面談、取覽本集 團的相關內部記錄及與高級管理層會面,本集團全體僱員均須全力配合,當中包括擬訂政策、明 確環境、社會及管治運營的責任, Note: If there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of this document, including any concerns raised by the Committee members and dissenting views expressed,並設定程序以管理環境、社會及 管治活動; 5.2.7 Support the ESG data collection and reporting process; 配合環境、社會及管治數據收集及匯報程序; 5.2.8 Ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations related to ESG matters; 確保遵守有關環境、社會及管治事宜的相關法律法規; 5.2.9 Set up sustainability goals for the business; and 設定業務的可持續目標;及 5.2.10 Report findings and recommendation to the Board. 向董事會匯報調查結果及推薦建議,其中應該 包括委員會成員提出的任何疑慮及表達的反對意見; 7.2 The minutes of Committee meetings shall be circulated by the Secretary of the Committee to all members in reasonable time for their comments and records by the Committee members. Such minutes shall also be made available, 原标题:国际精密:环境、社会及管治委员会的职权范围 IPE Group Limited (the “Company”) (Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability) 國際精密集團有限公司 * (「本公司」) (於開曼群島註冊成立的有限公司) TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL, key performance indicators (“KPIs”) and measures that align with the Group’s business model and effectively monitor the progress; 制定相關政策目標、關鍵績效指標(「關鍵績效指標」)及措施,概以英文版本為準,包括包括所 有出席及列席委員會會議者的姓名,費用由本集團承擔,並實施董事會批准的相關 政策; 5.1.2 Set relevant policy targets, activities and KPIs; 配合、審閱及監察現有環境、社會及管治舉措、活動及關鍵績效指標; 5.2.4 Identify ESG risks; 識別環境、社會及管治風險; 5.2.5 Implement and track ESG commitments; 實行及追蹤環境、社會及管治承諾; 5.2.6 Set up ESG related strategies and programme, if requested, review and monitor existing ESG initiatives, access the Group’s relevant internal records and approach senior management. All employees of the Group are required to provide full cooperation. 於履行職責時, 以供委員會成員評論及存檔, – 5 – 6. AUTHORITY AND RESOURCES權力及資源 6.1 The Committee has the delegated authority of the Board in respect of the functions and powers in these terms of reference at the Group’s expense. 委員會已獲董事會授權職權範圍的職責及權力, SOCIAL 制訂及審閱本公司及其附屬公司(「本集團」)有關環境、社會及管治 的責任、前景、策略、框架、原則及政策, appoint or retain any professional advisor as it considers necessary and appropriate in connection with its purposes. 委員會可在其認為必要和合宜的情況下聘用、指示、委任或留聘任何 專業顧問。

董事會其他成員亦可取覽有關會議記錄(如 有要求);及 7.3 The Committee shall report its deliberations to the Board. 委員會須向董事會匯報其審議結果, to other members of the Board; and 委員會會議的會議記錄須由委員會秘書在合理時間送交全體成員傳閱, Date: 25 November 2019 日期 : 2019年11月25日 – 7 – 中财网 ,並向董事 會匯報;及 5.1.7 Report any new development of matters with its terms of reference to the Board when necessary. 於有需要時向董事會匯報有關其職權範圍的任何新進展, assigning responsibility for ESG operations and setting up processes to manage ESG activities; 制定有關環境、社會及管治的策略及計劃,以配 合本集團的業務模式及有效地監察進度; 5.1.3 Identify issues related to the area of ESG arising from external factors; 識別因外部因素引致有關環境、社會及管治範疇的事宜; 5.1.4 Review and monitor ESG policies to ensure their continued effectiveness; 審閱及監察環境、社會及管治政策, instruct, 6.2 The Committee may employ。

– 6 – 8. REVIEW檢討 The Board shall review the composition and the terms of reference of the Committee at any time they think fit. 董事會須在其認為適宜的任何時候檢討委員會的成員組成及職權範圍, which could include drafting a policy, Social and Governance Report (the “ESG Report”) and report to the Board; and 批准環境、社會及管治報告(「環境、社會及管治報告」), shall be recorded in sufficient details in the minutes of the Committee’s meetings; 委員會成員須安排及擬備委員會的所有決議及會議記錄, 7. REPORTING PROCEDURES匯報流程 7.1 Members of the Committee shall arrange and prepare minutes of all resolutions and proceedings of the Committee。